Luxury Home With Chefs Kitchen

Luxury Home with Chef’s Kitchen

The architectural design of this expansive home, spanning over 4,000 square feet, showcases a harmonious blend of modern aesthetics and thoughtful customization. One of the most striking features is the sloped ceilings, adding dimension and a unique character to the spaces. Neutral tones grace every corner, providing a calming ambiance and serving as a canvas for personalized decor and furnishing.

At the heart of this residence lies a colossal Patagonia Granite slab island, which not only functions as a central gathering point but also becomes a statement piece with its rich browns and vibrant orange hues. Complementing this centerpiece, the home boasts elegant wood flooring throughout, exemplifying the resident’s keen eye for custom design and attention to detail. The kitchen, a chef’s dream, is further accentuated by a full wall backsplash, adding depth and texture to the culinary space.

Floor-to-ceiling windows in the family room flood the interiors with natural light, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. These expansive windows, paired with a contemporary fireplace, make the room a perfect sanctuary for relaxation and entertainment. Modern lighting fixtures elegantly punctuate the home, while a private dining room offers an intimate space for meals and gatherings. Every element, from the architectural choices to the custom design details, reflects the resident’s vision and commitment to creating a unique and personalized living space.

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Three Houses with ADUs


In the heart of a vibrant Bend community, these newly constructed houses stand as a beacon of modern living, matched with lucrative investment potential. Comprising three main residences and three additional ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) situated above the garages, this ensemble of six living spaces is a testament to innovative design and a forward-thinking approach to urban living.

Each house fascinates with its unique yet cohesive exterior that integrates elements of contemporary style with the warmth of traditional materials. The elegant blend of neutral siding, bold wooden accents, and industrial-inspired metal roofing creates a visual appeal that is both striking and welcoming. The residences are thoughtfully spaced to foster a sense of community while ensuring privacy, each with its own fenced yard, creating an intimate outdoor setting.

As you enter the main living area of each house, you’re greeted by a generous space that basks in natural light, streaming through large windows that offer views of the charming neighborhood. The open-concept floor plan features a cozy gas fireplace, providing a central gathering point for relaxation and entertainment. The seamless transition to the outdoors is facilitated by sliding doors that lead to private patios, perfect for al fresco dining or a morning cup of coffee.

The heart of the home lies in its kitchen, where functionality meets sleek design. The space boasts modern appliances, ample cabinetry, and attractive stone countertops that extend to an inviting breakfast bar. Pendant lighting adds a touch of elegance to the area, which is designed to cater to both culinary enthusiasts and busy families alike.

A staircase with a contemporary railing design leads to the upper levels where the tranquil sleeping quarters reside. Each bedroom serves as a serene retreat, promising rest and rejuvenation. The accompanying bathrooms are outfitted with modern fixtures, tiled backsplashes, and thoughtful lighting, ensuring every day starts and ends with comfort.

The ADUs offer additional versatility, presenting an excellent opportunity for rental income or multi-generational living. These units mirror the main homes’ dedication to style and comfort, with complete living spaces that include kitchens, bedrooms, and full bathrooms, all finished with the same attention to detail.

From the smart integration of space to the high-quality finishes, these houses are crafted not just for living but for a lifestyle. The builder has not only constructed residences but has also envisioned a lifestyle that resonates with those seeking a blend of city life and community warmth. This multi-unit development is not only a smart investment but also a canvas for creating memories and building futures, all set against the picturesque backdrop of Bend, Oregon.

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Bend River View


This home perfectly blends luxury and tranquility against the serene backdrop of river views. The architect has crafted a dwelling that harmonizes with the picturesque landscape, providing breathtaking vistas and an exquisite living experience.

Upon approach, the home’s sophisticated design is immediately evident. The neutral palette of the exterior is tastefully accented with natural wood, while the angled lines and modern garage door lend a contemporary edge. The warm entryway invites guests into a space of refined comfort.

Stepping inside, one is greeted by an entrance that showcases a striking balance of modern design and rustic elements, like a barn-style sliding door set against a backdrop of rich, dark wood paneling. The interplay of textures immediately captivates the senses and sets a tone of understated elegance.

The living area is a testament to open-plan living, featuring expansive windows that flood the space with natural light and frame the stunning river views. Hardwood floors extend seamlessly throughout, leading to a sleek fireplace that anchors the room. The living space opens to the outdoors, promising a seamless indoor-outdoor experience perfect for entertaining or quiet reflection.

A state-of-the-art kitchen awaits the culinary enthusiast. It is equipped with modern appliances and features clean lines and a minimalist design. Topped with a solid surface, the center island provides ample space for meal preparation and social interaction. Pendant lights hover above, offering a touch of sophistication to the area.

The home’s bathroom is a sanctuary of relaxation, with a walk-in shower adorned with sleek black tiles contrasting beautifully against the warm wood accents. Every fixture and finish has been chosen to create a spa-like atmosphere that echoes the home’s overall aesthetic of luxury and calm.

Ascend to the rooftop deck and discover a private oasis where the panoramic views promise to take your breath away. The deck is thoughtfully designed for entertainment or peaceful solitude, allowing residents and guests to soak in the majestic riverscape and lush Oregon terrain.

The bedrooms offer a retreat of their own, with large windows that continue the theme of connecting the indoors with the natural beauty outside. The home’s layout ensures that each room captures a unique aspect of the surrounding landscape, providing a serene backdrop to unwind.

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Clean lines house


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  • Clean and modern architecture
  • Eco friendly materials
  • Idea to final solution

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  • Halworks Ltd, inc.
  • Toms and family inc.
  • Bricks and woods ltd.
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