Your custom home dream, our blueprint. We work diligently to bring your vision to life.


Family Owned Since 1979

The Gonce family- Bill, Carolyn, Chad, and Rachel, have been at the heart of this business. What started as a vision has transformed into a legacy, with the passion for home-building passed down through the generations.


Can you provide examples of previous homes you’ve built and references from past clients?

Absolutely! Our custom home portfolio showcases various homes we’ve built over the years.  We’d be happy to discuss any past home build with you. Additionally, we can offer references from our satisfied clients so you can hear firsthand about their experience working with us.

What is the estimated timeline for building my home?

Based on our previous projects, our standard timeline for building a home is 9-14 months. We pride ourselves on staying on schedule.  Should unforeseen delays occur, we address issues promptly and focus on minimal disruption to the delivery date.

What is the estimated cost of the entire project, and are there any hidden costs I should be aware of?

We estimate the total cost to be $275 – $350 sq. ft based on the standard of materials you select. Our quotes are comprehensive, and we are committed to transparency. There are no hidden fees or costs. Any potential changes or additions that might adjust the budget will always be discussed and approved by you first.

How flexible are you with making changes or customizations during construction?

Building a home is a personal journey; sometimes, preferences evolve.  We are here to collaborate with you every step of the way to ensure your home matches your vision.


Initial Consultation: We meet to discuss your vision, needs, and budget.

Land Acquisition: We help you choose and purchase a suitable plot of land for your dream home.

Feasibility Study:
Assess the site’s potential and any construction challenges.

Budget Finalization:
Review and finalize the budget, considering all costs and contingencies.

Design Phase:
Collaborate with an architect to draft the initial design and floor plans.

Design Review:
Revise and refine the design based on your feedback.

Obtain Permits:
Secure necessary building permits and approvals from local authorities.

Selection of Materials:
Choose finishes, fixtures, and materials that align with your vision and budget.

Construction Begins:
Tee Harbor breaks ground, starting with foundational work.


The Gonce family knows what it takes to build quality custom homes uniquely designed for each individual and family, incorporating all the details to distinguish the home from any other. Through word-of-mouth, prospective homeowners appreciate Tee Harbor Construction, Inc., as a name synonymous with superiority and excellence.


Experience the best in home-building with our blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern luxury. Our homes range from 1,500 to 7,000 square feet, ensuring a perfect fit for families of all sizes.


Tee Harbor Construction, founded in 1979, has a long-standing reputation for crafting luxurious, custom homes with impeccable detail. Merging classic artisanship with modern technology, we create homes that are not just structures but masterpieces tailored for each family.

Let Our Master Carpentry Team Bring Your Vision to Life.